Changes to Regulations

The final step in the implementation for the new Framework of Professional Registration is to make changes to CILIP's Regulations. These need to be agreed by a simple majority of members at a general meeting or by ballot.

Revised Regulations

Regulations are the agreed rules that CILIP uses to run its services. The current regulations sit as an appendix to the General Regulations.

We have reviewed these in line with the changes agreed by Council and based on member responses to surveys and participation in focus groups.

While they provide a very basic overview of the process to members, it is important to note that they do not and should not include the detail that will be included in the handbooks.

Copies of the proposed regulations can be found below. We have also provided links to further information available on the website which will give members more information about the proposals.

Member voting

We will ballot all members on the new regulations at the same time as elections for new members of CILIP council. Voting will begin on the 25th October.

Information will be sent directly to members alerting them to the vote.