New framework of Professional Registration

Reviewing qualifications and awards should be an ongoing activity for all Professional Bodies. It is good practice to review the market and strategic environment to make sure that the qualifications provide meet the needs of the profession, employers and individuals. The review of qualifications began in May 2012 and following a number of intermediate stage reviews, CILIP Council approved the recommendations of the review in March 2013.

Professional registration

CILIP will adopt the term ‘Professional Registration’ to provide greater clarity for members and stakeholders about the difference between Certification, Chartership, Fellowship and academic/vocational qualifications.


CILIP will make minimal changes to the current Certification model for the time being - using the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base (PKSB), revising the assessment criteria to be more focused on knowledge and skills, and providing clarity that Certification provides admission to the register for those working at a para-professional level. We will then plan a more detailed review of vocational qualifications and professional recognition for para-professionals in 2014. This will enable CILIP to respond more effectively to the changing environment within vocational qualifications and work-based learning.


CILIP will revise the Chartership process to incorporate self-assessment using the PKSB. A Chartered library, information and knowledge worker will be asked to demonstrate that they have both the knowledge and skills required to work in the profession and the ability to apply those in a professional context. Another key feature will be the removal of specific pathways to Chartership.


Fellowship will remain largely unaltered. It will be focussed on candidates demonstrating a significant commitment and contribution to the profession. Employers will know that a Fellow is a leader in the profession. This may be through the work that they do or their commitment outside of their work context.


A revised model for Revalidation will be implemented which has a stronger focus on inputs (amount of time spent on CPD) than outputs (impact of CPD). Whilst the product will be offered to all members as a way of recording and demonstrating their CPD, it will be focussed on those who have completed Certification, Chartership or Fellowship.

CILIP will work towards the implementation of a compulsory scheme. This will take further work to identify the process and work with members to gain buy-in for a member decision at the 2014 AGM, with implementation from 2015.

Processes, support and training

CILIP will introduce online enrolment, submission and assessment for Professional Registration.

All assessment criteria will be reviewed and where necessary revised to provide greater clarity for candidates. In addition, all handbooks and supporting information will be completely revised and CILIP will be working with key stakeholders to improve the training and support available to candidates, candidate support officers, mentors and mentor support officers.

CILIP will implement a streamlined assessment process for Certification, Chartership and Fellowship and a light touch assessment process for revalidation. A revised, fit for purpose appeals process which allows candidates to appeal based on the outcome of their application, will also be introduced.

The Qualifications Board will be renamed the Professional Registration and Accreditation Board and their remit will be amended to incorporate strategic oversight of the PKSB and accreditation process.


CILIP will work towards implementation from Autumn 2013. This will include the development of a transition plan to ensure that candidates currently working on qualifications are not disadvantaged and are still able to submit based on the current assessment criteria.

For those members currently registered and working towards their qualifications and those supporting them, CILIP will provide clear and targeted messages about transition and implementation plans to ensure that they understand how they are affected by proposed changes.

More detail about the new framework will be launched at Umbrella in July 2013.

Training and information events will be delivered for assessors, mentors, mentor support officers and candidate support officers Summer/Early Autumn before new processes become operational.