CILIP is looking for a researcher to scope a vision for a sector-wide portal providing access to research and the evidence-base for the information profession.  This work stems from CILIP’s intention to adopt an evidence-based approach to its own policy development and advocacy work and its aim to be a leader and an active partner in providing a research and evidence framework for the sector as a whole.

We require the successful researcher to map stakeholders that will use the portal and collect, synthesise and analyse information about their research and evidence needs.  We also require the researcher to identify and assess research portals, or other similar research and evidence bases, that have been established by other bodies (in any sector), paying particular attention to features such as discoverability and accessibility as well as the type of content. From this evidence the researcher will develop a model for a portal that will provide access to an information sector-wide research/evidence-base.  

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We are looking for applications to undertake this work from researchers or other interested parties by August 31st 2017. The delivery date for the report is January/February 2018

Any enquiries about it should be addressed to Yvonne Morris at:

Telephone: 020 7255 0629