Draft Legal Deposit Libraries (non-print works) Regulations 2013

CILIP's and the Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance's responses to the Draft Legal Deposit Libraries (non-print works) Regulations 2013 consultation.

(May 2012)


Legal deposit has a very important role to play in the preservation and access of materials published in the UK. It is crucial that there are libraries with a designated role of collecting all materials published in this country.

Since the Legal Deposit Act 2003, legal deposit libraries have been archiving free UK web sites but have had to seek permission from the web owners. This has meant only a small proportion of UK web sites have been archived. The draft regulations are designed to ensure that the legal deposit libraries can provide a national archive of the UK’s non-print published output.

The draft regulations in this consultation reflected some key changes made in response to stakeholder feedback from the previous consultation in 2010-11.

LACA's response

The response focused on issues surrounding access to, and usability of, deposited materials.  It included:

  • Opposition to restrictions on access to deposited content following the expiry of copyright (the perpetual copyright issue).
  • Support for proposals to permit a deposit library to provide a copy for the purpose of parliamentary or judicial proceedings, or a Royal Commission or statutory inquiry.
  • Concern over the absence of wide 'fair dealing' exceptions under permitted activities.

CILIP also issued a response to this consultation.

Government's response

The Government's response was published in September 2012.  It confirmed its intention to proceed with introducing the Regulations in April 2013, with a number of minor amendments in response to the consultation.

Letter to the Independent

LACA, CILIP and the Art Libraries Society UK & Ireland (ARLIS) letter regarding the Government’s proposed legal deposit regulations for electronic publications.  It was published in the Independent on 27 June 2012.