Knowledge and information management

CILIP see these skills as essential to the health of organisations of all types. They support evidence-based practice and policy-making and so help all organisations better achieve their aims: in the case of the private sector this will include increasing profit. At a strategic level it is about treating information as an asset and ensuring, just as with finance, staff or plant, the returns on this investment are optimised.

CILIP plan to play an important part in growing and promoting the K & IM community in the UK. It has recently established a Knowledge and Information Management Special Interest Group as part of a programme to embed K & IM in all aspects of its work.

Key Statistics

Number of Knowledge and Information Management Practitioners in the UK
This constitutes 20% of the UK Information Workforce
CILIP/ARA (2015). A study of the UK Information Workforce

Knowledge and Information Management Group

The Knowledge & Information Management Specialist Interest Group is a UK based network of individuals who are working in or interested in Knowledge & Information Management (K&IM).